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  • 12-23-2010, 12:51 AM

    But it's Congress' responsibility to protect the..

    stupid people from themselves. Right???
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  • 12-23-2010, 12:41 AM

    Sound reasoning...I'll likely be driving an S5...

    after one more year in my '08 335i. At least there's VAG-COM to communicate with computers in VW-Audi.
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  • 12-22-2010, 03:13 PM

    I blame Congress just as much for making idiots

    out of all of us by mandating such things as tire pressure monitors on everything down to a humble Hyundai Accent!
  • 12-22-2010, 10:24 AM

    Re: If you can't drop your bumper on the side of the

    I share your disappointment with dealer service - they have done OK for the 2008 335xi, but they have been worse than useless for my old 850. The old car is safer in my hands than at the dealer!
    Sadly, I can't find any new cars that are free of these complicated, computerized systems.
    The car I have ordered is a Cadillac CTS coupe, with the manual tranny. Unfortunately, most Caddys get an "unreliable" rating in "Consumer Reports". For example, on this car the door has no latch handles, inside or out - just electric release buttons! Am I worried about failures? Absolutely. But I am friendly with the local GM dealer, so I hope to get quick service when needed; and I also hope that parts and service will be cheaper than BMW post-warranty. Besides, as a tax payer, I own part of GM ;)
    Oh well...
    It seems that these days you don't just buy a car - you buy a car plus its support system. I've resigned myself to that idea, so I am choosing the best available option close to home.

    But I have still bought a raffle ticket for the BMW 1 series M coupe :) Hope springs eternal...
    Mark W in mid-MO
    2008 335xi coupe
    1993 850Ci 6-speed

    2 turbos ..................or 12 cylinders, no waiting!
  • 12-21-2010, 11:42 PM

    If you can't drop your bumper on the side of the

    road to raise the headlight a few inches, what's up!
    Seriously you make some very good points, and ones I've thought about myself. I own a six year old e46 that has never given me any complicated problem enough to vex dealers with yet. And with only 77K miles I feel my car is still in new condition. But I've wondered about the car getting old enough to have a book value of only a few thousand dollars, and then suffering some deep tech problem that would require dealer labor to the tune of thousands of dollars. Seems intellectually ridiculous at some point. Engine work could be seriously expensive, and I'm not sure I'd trust the car again what with the amateur mistakes I find some mechanics make when I get my car back from service. Maybe someone at a dealer cares, but I'm not sure how to find them! Nor to think that the service manager would let them alone long enough to take the time to do quality work. Seems like so many thrive on doing some job that the work book says takes 2 hrs, but they can finish in 25 minutes while billing the higher rate.

    What car would you choose over your new BMW that you feel would lack the complicated systems?
  • 12-21-2010, 05:39 PM

    2008 335xi - great car but not a "keeper"

    I haven't been terribly active on this board, but I want to leave a note as my 3 year relationship with the E92 335xi comes to a close. At the end of the lease, the car is going back to BMW and I won't be getting another BMW to replace it.
    This is not a rant - I have no bone to pick with BMW. The 335xi has been a great car - it may the perfect NEW car, with 4-wheel drive, luxury and good fuel mileage. But I just don't believe this car can become a great OLD car. The prospect of long-term maintenance on this vehicle is intimidating.
    Item: failed adaptive headlight while on a trip. Car was with a BMW dealer in Dallas for TWO DAYS and they could not "program" the replacement part to work in the car. Did you know that the front bumper has to come off to do this job?
    Item: "service engine soon" light on. After taking a day off to drive out to the dealer the diagnosis was: nothing wrong. It can happen when the car shuts off the clock to save power and screws up one of its many internal check programs. Of course, only the dealer can reset the fault light on the dash.
    I will have to work on the car myself when the warranty ends, and that just doesn't seem possible. The nearest dealer is 40 miles away - if I had a dealer in town, I might feel differently.

    Bottom line: BMW's used to be fun to drive and fun to own. They are still fun to drive, but in my opinion they are no longer fun to own. If the car can't be away from the mothership for simple repairs (or even a flat tire!), then I can't keep it in my life.

    Thankfully I still have my 1993 850Ci, and believe it or not I DO enjoy taking care of it. It isn't EASY to work on, but it is still POSSIBLE to work on. I expect it to reach 200,000 miles!

    My new daily driver will be a rear drive 2+2 coupe, with a 6 cylinder normally aspirated engine producing 304HP and a 6-speed manual gear box. Zero to 60 in 5.8 sec. Limited slip differential (mechanical type). Weighs 3931 lbs. 54/46 front/rear weight distribution, performance brakes and suspension, 19 inch wheels. 21 mpg estimated mileage. The specs sound good (like a BMW?), but it's a new (2011) American car so we'll see. I don't expect the quality to be better than BMW, but at least there is a dealer in my home town.

    Be well, everybody!

    Mark W in mid-MO
    2008 335xi coupe
    1993 850Ci 6-speed

    2 turbos ..................or 12 cylinders, no waiting!

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