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  • 12-25-2010, 05:03 PM
    Brad Shupe

    M70 engine still running rough-head gasket?

    Well the story continues. I thought it was fixed after I changed the old plugs since one bank (pass side) had all 6 plugs fouled (black)blamming the dirty DK motor. When sinking the thottle bodies (run up to 5K rpm) after the third run I blew out a heater hose and the oil light came on. Weird since these should not be related. Restarted the car and oil pressure light still on. Turned off engine and came back a few hours later and fixed the hose. Started the car and the oil light did NOT come on, drove home about 2 miles, and the oil light comes back on(Hot oil, light on). I'm pretty sure I have blown a head gasket, it had head bolt issues some years ago. It is puffing white smoke now and shows signs of water in the oil and (possible reason for oil light to come on??) was puffing blue smoke when reved high. Once I get some time, I will do a leak down test.

    It may be "dead Jim!" Thinking of buying a 530Xi...........
    Any thoughts

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