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  • 01-04-2011, 12:16 PM
    Robert Platt Bell

    On the ceiling you mean?

    Get the Bently manual because this one is tricky. The manual is kind of vague on some details, but it does say where all the screws are.

    On my 2002, the front dome light had to be removed. It was supposed to snap out, but the spring clips, instead of popping out, caught on the frame of the console, and then bent out. I had to re-bend them with pliers and then reassemble the light fixture. I was lucky it did not break.

    Like anything else, it was a lot easier to see how it went together, once I had it apart.

    There were mounting screws behind the light.

    Mine has the sunglass holder, and I think there were two screws in there as well.

    Why are you taking it out? I would leave it alone if you could, as these things can rattle if not reassembled properly.

    I took mine out to install a microphone for the nav system (I tore out the broken Mark III and sold it on eBay for $550 and bought a Pioneer AVIC for $480 - actually made a profit!).

    Good Luck!


    Microphone install: This was an interesting chore. I would avoid removing the A-pillar cover, as you can probably route the wire behind the door seal edge all the way to the headliner and then tuck it under the headliner.

    Removing the sunroof center console was tricky. Remove the two torx screws behind the sunglasses cover and then the two behind the light assembly.

    The Bentley manual says the light assembly should just pop out. Yea, right. Be careful not to damage it. The spring clips on mine bent and had to be disassembled and carefully reconstructed with pliers. It all went back together fine, though.

    I thought about putting the microphone behind the microphone grill in the console, but the system doesn't seem to hear me well there. So I ended up mounting it externally.

    The Pioneer will accept voice commands to control the nav system and stereo. The mic also can be used with the bluetooth adapter.

    The bluetooth adapter seems to be working, but I am having trouble getting one phone to "register" with the device.
  • 12-28-2010, 09:29 PM

    Remove upper console

    I have not been able to find any info on how to remove the "upper console" on my 06...this year does not have sunglass holder.
    So, before I break does it come off ?
    Thanks..BMWCCA 12660
    2006 X5 3.0
    2004 M/B CLK320
    2000 Boxster

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