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  • 10-28-2004, 12:46 AM

    new 330i will launch w/ a more powerful engine

    than the 530i!
  • 10-19-2004, 10:09 AM
    Secret of 50/50

    Re: 125i forces new 3-series far further to upmarket

    1er 5-door hatch: new niche model
    1er 3-dr hatch: replacement for 3er ti/Compact
    1er Cabrio/Coupe: replacements for e46 Ci models
    1er estate: replaces e46 touring
    1er van/suv (unconfirmed): new niche model, probably remains rear-wheel drive only
    1er saloon: replacement for BMW's bestseller, the e46 saloon
    Z1 roadster (unconfirmed): replament for affordable 2-seat roadster (Z3)
    Z1 Coupe (very unlikely, but remotely possible): replacement for Z3 Coupe and the REAL spiritual successor to E30 M3
  • 10-19-2004, 08:22 AM
    But shouldn't they get more exciting instead?!?!?

    Re: All cars grow. And get more expensive.

    I understand the new Three has to make room for the 1-ser saloon and estate, which is a streched version of 5-dr.
    These promise to be softer and luxo'd compared to the more sporty 3 and 5-dr hacthbacks. Also there may be an even taller 1-series van (think X1)..
    These would compete squarely with the e46.
  • 10-19-2004, 04:07 AM

    All cars grow. And get more expensive.

    And get more "gimmicks". Isn't the current 5 about 3K more expensive than the old model?

    But to me, the gap between the next 3 and the new 5-Series is bigger than the gap between the old 5 and current 3-Series!
    Those cars were very much the same, but with a different scale. Technology was the same because those cars shared almost everything. Styling was very close too.

    The next generation 3 does share the engines with the 5, like always, but unlike the 5, that got a bit lighter thanks to using more aluminium than ever, the next 330i is heavier than the current 330i, despite the new low weight engine!

    And the styling is no longer a variation of the same theme. I always prefered the 3-Series over the 5. I had 4 of them. Maybe next time, I would switch camp... The 5-Series styling is more modern than the rather conservative new 3-Series. I like modern! If my budget for a familycar would stretch to a 6-cilinder model, I'd prefer the 5. A 535d touring, yummy! If not, I'd settle for the 320d touring.

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  • 10-17-2004, 08:59 AM
    than expected, and dangerously close to 5-series!

    125i forces new 3-series far further to upmarket

    With 4-cyl Ones already being far more expensive than their rivals, the '05 125i forces the new 3-series much further into "upmarket" than expected, stepping over the 3-year old e60 5-series with added legroom and excessive electrically controlled gimmicks! It seems the 5-series badly needs to go into upmarket itself!

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