Hi all, I was considering an E30 for autocross duty, but I remembered I had a Powerdyne in my closet. I need to find a car to put the blower on, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to do a 92-95 325i because of OBD1, cheaply found cars, etc. Before I get into it, I have a couple of questions to those in the know.

1) AFAIK, all I'll need is the unit,**bracket**, **crank pulley** CAI, TB inlet pipe, Ford injectors, boost gauge, and an Aux. fuel pump piggyback. Anything else I'll need?
- ** requires fabrication

2) Does anyone know the specs on the bracket? How about a place (ESS, Dinan, custom diy'er) that will sell me the bracket only?

3) Any shops in/near NC/Va good for Dyno-tuning and custom ECU mapping? Or, does anyone offer a chip that is already made for this?

Thanks in advance. Like I said, I don't even have the car yet, but I have the blower unit and work with BMW's all day, so it seems like a natural project...