We have added a new section in the forums preferences control panel. You can now upload an image to your signature directly from within the preferences control panel. You don't need to have your signature image hosted externally or in your Roadfly web space anymore. It can now be hosted right here within the forums which is a whole lost easier.

To set your signature image click the "Preferences" link located in the navigation links at the top of the page. Once on the Preferences page, click the "Browse" button which will allow you to browse for a photo to upload from your computer. Once you've attached the photo click "Set Preferences." That's it. From there you can choose to display the pic or no by clicking the link to insert it into your signature.

<A href="http://forums1.roadfly.org/preferences/setpref.php">Set Message Forum Preferences</a>

More on the changes...

We added the signature picture preference for two main reasons. The first is that it's a feature people really wanted. The second is that we are discontinuing the clunky free Web space we offer in favor of a BLOG system. Since many of you host your signatures in your free web space this new signature image feature should make that transition alot easier.

We should be announcing the discontinuation of the free web space in favor of the free BLOG system soon.

And, yes to confirm what some people have been chatting about and to disspell any rumors to the contrary... Roadfly will be discontinuing free email soon. The only folks with Roadfly email addresses will be staff and Inner Circle members. If you want to keep your Roadfly email address you will need to register as an Inner Circle member.

<a href="http://www.roadfly.com/shop/">Register for Inner Circle</>