I have been contemplating adding the Downing/Atlanta supercharger to my 318i; I don't have to tell you guys the E36 318i is a bit on the slow side, especially with an auto trany.

I have been talking to a friend of mine and he gives a host of reasons why I shouldn't supercharge the 318i. The top of his list of reason as to why not to supercharge is that it will destroy the engine prematurely. The car is a 94 however it has only 50,000 miles on it so I see it as being "relatively new" in terms of mileage.

I know with turbo charging if you goose the pressure up to high, you can crap out the engine; however my understanding of the Downing/Atlanta supercharger is that it is on the "conservative" side of increased pounds of forced induction.

What say you, how "safe" will the 318i engine be with the new supercharger added on?