Crazy Idea…Drag Race your BMW one time…

I’m going to propose a certified crazy idea to those of you among the bimmer faithful…Let’s take a Wednesday Night and take your beautifully maintained bimmer and find out what it can do in Camaro land ????

Seriously though… I have found that even road racing magazines will use quarter mile times as a good judge of how your car performs. I’m not proposing doing smokey burnouts with your new $140 each SO3’s…what I am proposing is a bimmer group appearing at Pacific Raceways on either of PR’s normal Wednesday Night Street Legal Test and Tune…July 6th and 13th…We’ll have a section of the pits set aside for bimmers only and perhaps even a staging lane only for bimmers so that we can race our buddies or at least other bimmer 6 cylinder cars…

Crazy Idea ??? or a chance for a head to head comparison of our bimmers with our buddie’s cars that doesn’t involve the sterility of Dyno rollers or the risks of fender to fender paint swapping on a road course.

Yes the Camaro and Mustang gearheads will make fun of us (until my little M3 kicks their ***)…but with a fun group of other bimmer enthusiasts we can settle that burning issue over who’s cold air intake generates more horsepower…or are Dakar yellow bimmers really faster ???

Come on out Weds July 6th or July 13th at 7pm to Pac Rcwys.
Fees are just $25 entry for car and driver (guests $8 ) plus first time racers pay an $8 number charge the first time they race.
Email: [email protected] for more info….This is a private event and is not insured by BMW CCA PSR.