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About six months ago my left rear wheel speed sensor went bad and the speedometer worked intermittently. I continued to drive without repairing it until it stopped working completely (I have GPS speedometer too) and eventually the ABS light came on and that computer is messed up. I know this all now because my dealership diagnosed the codes. Today I replaced the left rear wheel speed sensor and expected the speedometer to start working. No luck. Will it not work while the ABS computer is still fouled up? I plan on sending it for a rebuild but I thought the speedometer would work anyhow. Anyone know?
I have had exactly the same problem and after BMW telling me i needed a new gearbox i contacted an auto transmition company who told me it's not the gearbox and i should contact an auto electrition which i did who confirmed my thoughts that it was in actual fact the ABS module so i bought one new from a place in Canvey irland at a cost of 300.00 put it on the car and all is now ok . You will need it programed into the cars ECU after fitting it , It's only held in by six screws but make sure that you disconect the battery first or you could blow the new unit . Good luck