Longwood Industries seems to be legitimate. I put up my car on cars.com and autotrader and a couple of days later, got a call from 'Jeff' at Longwood Industries; his 'message' seems to be the only unsavoury part of Longwood Industries. The way he says it sounds like he's some private guy who's in the business of matching car sellers with buyers and it sounds like he already has some people who are interested in buying your car; if you listen carefully to the message, it's simply another car-selling website, you can't accuse them of being dishonest. I didn't really listen to the message too carefully at first, and I went ahead and put up the ad; then I saw this site. However, my car sold in a couple of days time with autotrader and I sent in a cancellation request to Longwood Industries; I was pleasantly surprised a couple of weeks later, to see that the full amount had been credited to my credit card without any hassle.