What's up fellow bimmer freaks!
I'm moving my family down to the Alpharetta from NJ.
Yes , the 87 325 249,000miles is gonna make the trek also. I have faith in her making it. Wife ain't so sure.
Question is-
People up here say the traffic is horrible down there in and around Atlanta. This is a bold statement coming from the gridlock capital of the US. New Jersey.
Approx how long would it take to travel by car form Alpharetta on
Take I-285 West/South to I-20 West.
Take I-20 West to Exit #49.
Turn left (south) on Fulton Industrial Blvd.
My new job will be in this area.
Hopefully someone familiar with the Atlanta drive times can help.
Travel time would be 8am and 5:30 pm