back in a 1er last week since Europcar had to sell the Tigra, and had no other converitbles at the moment..

This time its a 118d instead of the 116i petrol I had earlier in the year.
Just curious, from the specs this looks like the same motor as the 120, so is it purely a matter of software? Same turbo, injection system etc?

The 118 has more go than the 116, and compared to the 2L tdi A3 and 1.9L Golf I've driven, a sweeter motor. But a diesel is, unfortunatly, a diesel.

Strange options on these beemers - this one has the navi like the other one (but now can't eject the Navi disc to listen to CDs!!! effing europcar won't give out the pin #...), but only has the parking distance/radar on the rear bumper instead of all around. Small thing, but the software, wires, flip up screen etc were there, how much more could a 3 or 4 tiny sensors have cost...

Görlitz Germany