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    Wrong Forum! But here's how.

    You are in the wrong forum.

    And thanks for keeping this five year old thread alive.

    Open the hood using the hood release.

    Start the car by jump starting it, using the JUMP START POINTS under the hood. Refer to your owners manual for location. All BMWs have them.

    Once the car is running, you should be able to open the trunk using the trunk release button.

    Batteries appear to fail "suddenly" when in fact they have had just a surface charge for months, and then one day just appear to die.

    If you have a keen ear, you will hear the starter going slightly slower just before it is toast.

    Most BMW batteries last 7, 8 or 9 years. At least mine have on my four cars.

    Dealer batteries are pricey, but they do fit. On my E53 beater, I went with an exide from BJ's Wholesale for $78.

    No snide comments, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Army in Germany View Post
    Thank you for the feedback...here's an update.

    The dealer is going to do an experiment. They will replace the Ground Module and the Door Module (?) to see if this fixes the problem of the car not going into 'sleep mode'. The hunch is that while they observe only an 80 milliamp draw on the battery (50 being normal), they can't physically watch the car all night to see if other electronic subsystems are being switched on. If the car is in 'sleep mode', this couldn't happen.

    As the modules are bloody expensive, if this doesn't fix the problem, they will refund my money and look for problems elsewhere.

    BTW, this is one of larger dealerships in southern Germany, but they have only seen one X5 with similar problems; BMWNA also says they know of no systemic problems. However, when I do a search for "dead battery" on this message board, I get 1285 hits. Makes you wonder...
    Have them check the FSU or final stage resistor they are notorious for going bad and cause the things you are talking about
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    [h=2]SOS!!! Start failure, 2006 BMW X5, 3.0i (36K mileage)[/h]
    [h=2]BMW X5, 3.0i 2006 couldn't start[/h]
    First time BMW driver :(

    1st Jan 2012, what a first thing to face, my BMW X5 3.0i (2006 with 36K mileage) couldn't start...

    Just bought this car 2 days ago... very well maintained car as the int and ext looked very clean, i can still breathe the leather smell in it. I realized the 2nd day the speedometer didn't work well, planned to bring for car check on the 3rd Jan, as well smog check. Unfortunately, now it can't start at all. When i tried to start, the front lights are blinking, all signs on the dashboard appeared showed that the battery is okay...

    Can anyone be kind enough to assist and advise me what's the problem could be?
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    Battery OK?

    "all signs on the dashboard appeared showed that the battery is okay..."

    There is no "sign on the dashboard" that shows the battery is OK. No light, no indicator, nothing. There is no "Battery OK" light or indicator on the dash.

    Read the voltage on the battery with a volt-ohm meter. If it is below 11.5 it is dead. It should be at 13.5 or no lower than 12.

    When running, you should be getting 14.0 to 14.5. If not, you likely need a new alternator as well.

    If you don't have a volt-ohm-meter, your local auto parts store can test the battery and alternator for free.

    Why, oh Why, do amateur mechanics ALWAYS ALWAYS dismiss the battery right off the bat, when it is the most common failure mode?

    Wal-Mart has two batteries for this car, for about $100. Takes about 20 minutes to install. You have to remove the spare tire and tire mount.

    Good Luck.
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