My 2001 X5 4.4i is due for Inspection 2 (64K miles). I am out of warranty, so this one is out of my pocket. I called the dealer for an appointment and quote. $630 for Inspection 2 with the microfilter, $500 without. They can have me in and out in a half day. I checked the cost of a microfilter - $37 from Bavarian Autosport. I can't believe it takes an hour of labor to install it. Then I did a little investigative work on Inspections. Per the Owners Circle maintenance schedule for my vehicle, the ONLY difference between an Inspection 1 and 2 is "check thickness of parking brake linings". That is it. I checked it line by line. Seems like BMW could keep it simple and just have "Inspection". I also noted the things that are not "inspected". It is a short list - change oil and filter, change air filter, read diagnostics, change microfilter, plus replace coolant every 4 years and brake fluid every 2 years.

This seems to be a rather expensive service for something that I can basically do myself other than the coolant and brake fluid.

I do have the CPO extended warranty. Any thoughts on whether having the basics (coolant, brake fluid) done at a third party shop will void the CPO warranty? There is nothing in that Inspection that affects the drivetrain other than the oil change (which I do myself every 7,500 miles). Any leaks from an inspection will show up on my driveway long before it causes any damage.

Any compelling reasons to drop 630 big ones for Inspection 2 if I can do a good bit of it myself?