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Thread: M5 search

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    M5 search

    Greetings all,

    I have been on the hunt for the right m5 for some time. All I keep seeing where I am are cars that have been neglected and abused. The ones for sale that have been cared for all seem to be on the west coast, or the owners don't really want to sell unless offered distgusting amounts of money.
    Anybody know anyone selling a Black on black or Silver on black (no grey or white interiors for me) M5 with less than 125k miles, on the east coast that has been well cared for, fully documented, and looks stunning?
    I don't want to buy a car sight-unseen (got burned that way once)hence the desire to find one locally.
    Please e-mail me off board if you know of one.


    James Rosenthal

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    Gary Hesse
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    Re: M5 search


    I think you are limiting your options towards achieving success if you keep doing what you are doing. You state that most East Coast cars are neglected and abused - well, then why not expand your search radius? If you find a nice M5 and can have someone in the area check it out, you are only out a roundtrip airline ticket to go do the deal, unless that also is a disgusting amount of money.

    A very, very nice M5 from New Hampshire just found a home in the San Francisco area. I don't think the new owner would have had the success he did if he did not keep his mind open to an expanded search.

    Of course, just my opinion.

    Gary Hesse
    '93 M5
    West Coast

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