I own a 1970 BMW 2800 cs, I have owned this car for close to 10 years, beautiful car, love it dearly. I allowed a friend to drive the car (after a wedding) I was a little impared and he was a sober ride home for me. Well anyway not being familiar with the car, (turn signal on the right of wheel) when he tried to put on the the left turning signal indicator, he hit the high/low beam arm and broke it off!! and I had no lights but the parking lights, Well i was able to get low beam to get home, by putting a screw driver inside and fiddling with it, but the stalk and the plastic components inside are broken. This was a month ago.
So I guess I am looking for someone who has a pretty good knowledge as to what parts I will need to replace, I have the broken arm, but none of the parts for inside. Can I use another model, does anyone have an extra?? etc..Help Please.....

70' 2800cs
88' M5
91' 325ix