I am trying to find any dual or 3 side draft carb setup, preferably complete with an intake manifold and linkage (dreaming I know!) that will fit my 1976 630 CS that currently has a 4V Solex that is giving us fits. Can't seem to get one of those carbs to run clean or keep from overflowing. I don't really want to convert to a Holley but will do that before attempting to put on Injection from a 1977 which I have available to me. I have seen the dual Weber setups and would like to buy or TRADE for something like that. Anyone know where something like that could be found?? What models and cars might an intake system like this come from?? I have zero knowledge of the older ones but am excited about keeping this 76 630CS as it is so original and has been well maintained.... everything except carb seems in good condition. We have already rebuilt the original and a spare 4V Solex , to no avail. Anything after market that anyone knows of??
Max respect to all you guys with working knowledge.
PS I currently own 16 of the older 6 series cars including 4 parts cars. I live close to Stlouis. My home phone is 618/239-9098 and will gladly call ANYONE that send me their phone number.

a few of my old 6er's