We (TheTrackClub.com) have a car session scheduled for Tuesday, September 27th, at Buttonwillow Raceway (near Bakersfield, California) and had a large car group back out at the last minute, leaving us with one open car session available for no more than twenty drivers on the track!

Our normal weekday car rate is $150.oo/ for eight (8) twenty minute sessions and includes lunch, but because it's last minute we will offer you guys/gals the smokin price of only $100.oo! http://www.clubdesmo.com/trackdays/September_27th_CAR_Tracktime.htm

These car sessions are comprised of one twenty minute session every hour from 9am to 5pm. We are running a maximum of twenty cars on the track, this is a great last minute opportunity for those that can make it to get a bunch of track time at a fantastic price.

We have been producing track days for motorcycles for the past 11 years, and have recently started to do car dates & more corporate events for both cars & bikes. We have history, experience, and track dates scheduled (for both cars & motorcycles) with many dates still available this year. We operate with full five million dollar policy insurance, cornerworkers, stand by ambulance, etc. . .

This price is gonna be good for this event only, and to clarify we are running two 20 minute sessions of bikes and one 20 minute session of cars-Bikes & cars will NOT be on the track at the same time. Basic car track prep is all that is really needed fo this event, we are looking for drivers with a little bit of track experience, as for this event we have a smaller number of instructors, so the people with track experience will be needing less attention so we can focus on anyone that really needs some instruction. sample of car tech form is located here: http://www.clubdesmo.com/trackdays/Car_Tech_Inspection.htm

Hope to see you join us, as we are packing and getting ready to set up at the track Sunday afternoon, we won't be able to answer everybodies questions here on this board, but if you are trully interested you can call us at 408-723-8161 to get further answers, tahnks for the time.

Mark & Dori Duncan