Hello everyone,

I bought a 2004 X3 2.5 almost a year ago from BJ in Vancouver, it's a great car, only with minor issues (door/window creaking, suspension noise, loose hand break, etc) but the engine performs flawlessly and superb handling for a SAV. Since my first year service is due soon, I thought I would arrange to get all minor problems repaired at the same time. I contacted BJ to make an appointment but was told that a standard loaner would be a 320i if available (otherwise they would substitute with a cheap rental vehicle), any other requests need to go through sales. So I called my sales rep and was hoping to sign out a demo 3 liter X3 for a few hours since I'm interested of upgrading my car soon.

His response is "due to new company policy we can no longer offer such arrangements". I then spoke to customer relations, and was told that I should deal with service department directly, so it went on in circles...

I'm a bit shocked and also puzzled. Is this a typical BMW after sales service? I have read many good examples where dealers are willing to accommodate to get customer satisfaction plus it encourages customer to return for potential future purchase.

My friend was going to pick up the 255hp 330i but after my experience he is looking for another dealer with caution. I am curious to find out from owner's experience in Canada, plus which dealer would be a good choice in the lower mainland (we got 3 other local dealers)

Any comments or suggestions are gratefully appreciated,