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    marty 528i se alpina style
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    Hi i own a 1998 528ise and its auto ive just got this car and its lovely but
    when in drive and the brake is applied all is well but when i let it off slightly i have creeking coming from brakes front and back also in reverse too when the brake is fully reliesed not a sound is this unusual or are my brke linings too low

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    haha marty! this one is a simple one !! >>

    in an Auto car, when you select 'Drive' you feel the gearbox 'engage' and the car kinda slightly jerks forward. If you have your foot on the brakes it means the car wont go any further forward. However, if you foot on the brake pedal is only applying a 'little' pressure to the brakes then the 'creak' sound you hear is the wheels trying to turn against the reduced clamping force of the brake pads on the brake discs.

    To test this, apply firm pressure and select Drive or reverse, you'll feel the gearbox engage but no creak sound and no movement of the car.

    Then do the same with lighter pressure on the brakes. At some point you'll hear the creak and the drive power starts to exceed the brake pressure you are applying.

    Your brake linings are not low in this instance. Although over time of course they will wear down and be less effective, but won't have an such an effect on this issue right now

    Hope you understand by what I meant there!

    Cheers! Dennis! West London UK!

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    marty 528i se alpina style
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    creek re

    thanks dennis its just the noise travels right through the car i thought bushes or something were loose as its quite loud outside the car too would cleaning pads and discs ect plus copper greeseing help
    do u think?

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