I bought a 1998 dark green Z3 2.8l on Saturday. My first order of action was to head north, take the Stewarts Point Skaggs Spring Road and follow Highway 1 south to San Francisco. Oh what a drive!

I got a pretty good price on the car but it's not perfect so I was hoping for some advice:

The traction control system (ASC+T) does not work. If I turn it on, the light comes back on as soon as I accelerate. Obviously, this system isn't critical but I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what could be causing this and how much it could cost.

Opaque rear window. I will give the meguiar clear plastic treatment a shot the next couple days but I am pretty sure I'm faced with the prospect of having to get the window replaced. I have heard figures of $300. Is this true and who in the Bay Area would do that? I am located in San Francisco...

What is a good place to have my car serviced? The car has 135k miles on it, single owner and seems well kept but it came with no service record (carfax came up clean).

The car also only came with one key so I should have a duplicate made. Again, any suggestions?

Thank you all in advance!


1998 dark green BMW Z3 2.8l
2003 orange Kawasaki Z1000