Bought a CPO'ed 2004 M3 from dealer. After I took delivery of the car, realized that there were no VIN numbers on the car anywhere except the one under the front wind shield. After getting no response from the dealership, I had the car examined by another BMW dealer who confirmed my suspicions that the car looks like it was in a major accident and was rebuilt. Since replacement parts do not have VIN numbers. At the time of delivery, I checked the carfax report and that had no mention of any accidents. Since this is my first car I was not aware of the nitty-gritties involved in buying a used car and had made that clear to the car salesman while buying the vehicle. Now the dealership refuses to return my money and basically asked me to bugger off. They said that the guy who traded it in did not mention any accident, which I think is a load of baloney as I had the car CPO'ed before I took delivery and they would have found out all the tell tale signs.I paid good KBB money for the vehicle and it runs like a dream. But I definitely wouldn't have bought the car if I knew the car was involved in an accident. I have saved money all my life to buy an M3 and now I get cheated for no fault of mine.What are my options? I would appreciate any help.