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    bmw m60 4.0 litre
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    new to forced induction scene. I have many quest

    ions about what components will be required to supercharge my v8. I know there are offerings from ESS and Dinan. I will have to purchase the pieces over time. I have settled on a powerdyne BD11a headunit due to it not having oil feed lines and therefore simplifying my install. I have the general Idea of what is required but I need to know the specific components and any install or purchasing related information. So far I have come up with (correct me if I'm wrong please):

    1. Powerdyne bd11a headunit
    2. FMU (powerdyne universal type?)
    3. Crank pulley (not sure what size. want around 7-8 psi boost)
    4. I need info to acquire a fabricated bracket (some have been made)
    5. 8 injectors (stock is 19lb, unsure where or how high to get,24lb?
    6. Will a new or extra fuel pump be required? I believe Dinan has two
    7. Drive belt length depends on bracket measurements
    8. ECU reprogramming (car is ODBI)
    9. MAF recalibration?
    10. tubing ( is there a universal kit or does it need to be fab'ed.
    11. What will constitue the need for a intercooler if any?
    12. Are any misting devices required?
    13. how much have I forgot or just do not know? what should I lookout for

    I really appreciate any feedback on this as I know it sounds ignorant to ask anyone all this but I am hyper interested on the thought of a 400HP 8 series. -William

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    Has anyone S/C'd an M60 V8 on their own?

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    Looks like the VF Engineering might be a better de

    deal. The price is $1,500 less at 6g's without an intercoler. makes 395 to 400 hp depending on year. Upgrade kit to 8 psi makes an estimated 475 hp they say and utilizes an air-to-water intercooler instead of the air-t-air unit of the ESS one. Less plumbing = less lag.

    I thought ESS was out of business? Or is that their U.s. distributor?

    Anyone have any experience with these guys? I myself am thinking of selling both my BMW's and buying a '99 - '01 540i Sport, manual. Big Brembos up front and a supercharger. Stand back!


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    Re: Looks like the VF Engineering might be a bette

    ESS is NOT out of business and just opened up their US office in Southern California. Great customer service! In fact, they did a R&D S/C install on my brand new E53 4.6is three years ago. In the next week they will be retuning my car again with new software as a follow up. Not too many companies have that kind of follow up.

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