It takes a lot of courage to admit a mistake on your part plus have to listen to all the flames directed toward you after posting your results.

The M5 with SMG is really not a car for everyone. As I've stated before, I've owned 3 M3's with SMG and I love the transmission...why?...because I track the car lots. My car is barely 1 year old now and it's been tracked 12 times in only 6000 miles (2 sets of tires and 4 sets of brake pads in 6K miles). I love SMG on the track. I don't drive the car much around town, and I'm sure if I didn't track the car, I would probably opt for the 6 speed manual as it really is much easier to drive in traffic.

I'm sure there are lots of people laughing now because they think they love SMG, but after a year or so of driving the car around town with the typical SMG quirks, they may tire of it quickly.

A typical SMG quirk...the transmission will not shift into 1st gear unless the car is absolutely you have 2 options, shift it manually into first or wait for the car to come to a dead stop. After driving SMG for a while, it's easier to forget about the manual downshifts and let the car do it for you. What typically will happen is just as the traffic starts up, the car is in the process of shifting into first just as you give it gas. The car will not move while it's shifting down and then when it does, you've already fed it lots of gas and the car just takes off quickly that everyone in the car asks what happened; what did you do? It makes you feel very foolish.

There's the starting leave the car in gear when it's turned off. To start...foot on brake; move the shifter into neutral (nothing happens for about 3 seconds) while the car is building up hydraulic power to move the shifter into neutral. Not it will start, but not go into gear if your hood is ajar or the door is open. It can be very frustrating.

I'm basically saying that you have to love SMG to put up with it. Hopefully some of the electronic components don't break because the car is can't move it. It needs to be dragged onto a flatbed truck because you can't get the car in gear.

I'm hoping the SMG III is more reliable than SMG II, because lots of people have had trouble with the transmission. I've been lucky with my 3 as to never had any problems with SMG. Of course I've only driven the 3 M3's a total of 14,000 miles.

If I buy an M5 (I'm reconsidering) and had the option of 6 speed manual or 7 speed SMG...I'll go with SMG...I don't mind the frustrations since I'm retired and have lots of time to deal with the problems.

JAL doesn't need all the flames...please cut him some slack. It may turn out that in 6 months people will be telling you: "I told you so about SMG...You never should have bought it."