I went to the Edmonton BMW Grand Opening last night and got a chance to ask Lindsay Duffield, the President of BMW Group Canada, a few questions. First was if they have any plans to introduce the 1 Series to NA. He said that there are plans to introduce it but not in the way we know it right now. He said it will be introduced as a coupe then a convertible to follow. It is expected for a lat 2007, early 2008 launch. I then asked about the introduction of the BMW diesel line when North America switches over to low sulphur diesel in fall 06. He relpied, yes they are going to introduce them but not right at that time. Canada is changing thier emmisions laws at the start of 2007 and the diesels they have right now won't meet the standard. They are currently working on lowering the emmisions of the diesel engine groups right now and expect those spring 2007. Durring his speech he showed everyone the picture of BMW's newest car, the Z4 coupe. This thing is BEAUTIFUL! That will be out late spring, early summer 06. All in all it was a great night. I was very impressed at the food, drinks and setup of the event. It's a great place and the people that work there are nice too. It will be nice to see Bavaria's in the spring!

Edmonton, AB

1983 Hennarot 320i