hey everyone, it's been a long search but i found my e30 m3.

it's a very stock white with cardinal interior '88, with a non-tracked 120k on the engine (runs strong).

i'm hoping to keep this car for a while, and do not want to do any serious mods to the car, but would like it to be sporty enough on the weekends, but comfortable during the week - it's never been/nor will it be run on the track (just want a collectable fun to drive car)

as i said everything is stock, and beyond having all of the fluids flushed and replaced - my question is what to do first?
- suspension (what type)
- exhaust
- chip
- are flushing the fluids, etc. a good place to start?

just looking for some basic advice. also need to be mindful of my budget.

thanks everyone.