To all Bimmerheads,

I recently saw a posting attacking Schulba BMW by (bavarian engine exchange), how can that be true? If we have an issue with another businees (a supplier/rebuilter/garage etc.) let's not air our dirty laundry here with cheap shots that don't even refernce any details.

I will stand behind these guys all the way, I have had my 88 M5 worked on by them since 1998 and their attention to detail is BAR NONE!! Customer satisfaction is what it is all about and Gerry will take car of you. I have also had my M5 at Dinan and can say that I still prefer dropping the M5 at Schulba cuz I know it will be done right. I still have an unballanced driveshaft after bringing in my car twice to Dinan to get this resolved after a rebuilt was put in. Should have dropped it off with Gerry is all I can say now.

Gerry's knowledge of cars goes way beyond what you will find at even in the top garages.I call him Klaus! He will work with you on finding a source for the part if none can be found, he is also very protective of the client when receiving used/remanufactured parts, he wants to put his name behind his work (remember those days..).

- I remember when he insisted on checking the torque on all the flywheel bolts after we received the brand new light weight flywheel.
- Was able to weld the pedal assembly himself rather then spend for a new part, he knew what the problem was before I brougt it in!

I hope other folks will have the opportunity to have the same experience of working with Gerry at Schulba BMW. Hat's off to Mike as well, he is the soft spoken right hand man.

Site needs some work, he is all about the cars ;)