I have had continuosly bad experience with the BMW dealership in White Plains. Since I have heard that this dealership is one of BMW North America's flagship store, particularly since the multi-million dollar reconstruction job has been completed, I am deeply concerned about the service received, the attention to detail performed, and the general way how customers are being treated (long waiting time, incompetent advise, incomplete jobs, severe disregards of saftey issues, etc.).

I have just had my car in the job for yet another job that needed to be done (despite the fact that a general service was performed in August 2005), that impacted saftey of my 2003 X5. Less than 10 days later, I am now faced with 2 traffic violation tickets, because BMW Westchester mounted the NYS registration sticker, and the inspection sticker incorrectly. $130 in fines, plus time wasted to battle the tickets, for yet another lousy job done.