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    OBC Security Code Oops, and Fix.

    I was able to resurrect my car after my wife mis-typed the security code into the OBC, and we had no idea what it was. Three strikes and you're out! Here's how I resurrected it.

    1. Unlocked the doors and trunk with the key.
    2. Removed left access panel in the trunk and disconnected battery negative cables from the body mount (13mm nut) and made sure both wires were away from the body so as not to ground unintentionally.
    3. Closed trunk and waited for 1 hour.
    4. Opened trunk manually with key, and reconnected battery grounds. Alarm will sound.
    5. Entered cockpit and inserted key into ignition. Turned key to position number 1. OBC displays "CODE 15:00" and starts counting down towards 00:00. During this waiting period, I set the radio code. Do not exit the vehicle. I understand that the countdown will stop, but I didn't want to take the chance.
    5. When the countdown got to 00:00, the OBC asked for me to input the time, date, and year.
    6. Without turning the key off, I was able to start the car. Yee Haa!
    7. I then reset the windows, sunroof, and then the DK's (coastdown procedure)


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    Not sure how I feel about this info in public!


    I think this is wonderful information that every E31 owner should have, and I don't doubt your intentions, but I am a little worried that there is now a way to bypass the OBC code publicly available on the internet. I am grateful for all your contributions to Roadfly and don't mean you any disrespect at all, just to be clear.

    I know the OBC code is only a mild deterrant and may only add a few extra seconds delay to the task of the professional thief, but I can't help wishing in small part that you hadn't posted this information publicly.

    Maybe I am being naive and this info is available easily elsewhere?

    Help me out here -- I don't wish to overreact.

    1994 BMW 750iL
    1995 BMW 540i M-Sport
    1996 BMW 850CSi

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    Re: Not sure how I feel about this info in public!

    Hi Ray,

    I'd just like to offer some perspective. One night when I was out, parked in a VERY bad area I managed to screw my OBC code 3 times on the trot.

    If it wasnt for the solution on this board (phoned my brother who was at a computer) I would have had to call a tow truck.

    For me it was invaluable to have this information posted publicly. It was bad enough anyway that it looked like I was trying to steal my own car!

    Anyone ever had their 8 stolen? I'm not sure its the kind of thing thieves go for.

    TA Nathan

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