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    Please.. need advice and help

    Hi all,
    I have 2 questions. Would really appreciate it if you could help with them.

    1) I am looking into a deal for a 01' silver BMW 325i that has 47k miles on it (1 owner). The guy is asking $19998 and is not willing to reduce the amount. This is my first car so I am really confused. I checked the carfax report and there are no accident, lemon history etc. But there is not a detailed odometer reading (just one at 12 miles, is this a problem?). Is it worth going ahead with the deal?
    Also could you please tell me what I should look at when I go there?

    2) I am from Idaho and I am planning to come down this saturday to WA, probably after test driving, buy the car. I was wondering whether someone would be kind enough to go down to Platinum Wholesale Autos and check the car out/test drive it before I come down?. If so, please reply and I will tell you the details and inform the dealer that you would be coming down. I would really appreciate it.
    Also, has anyone bought a car from them before? How was the experience?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Please.. need advice and help

    You haven't said where (city) in Washington the car is located.

    You are in trouble, because I can tell from your post that you've already decided to buy the car. The seller knows it because he's a pro and nobody drives all the way from Idaho unless they've already made up their mind. My first advice is NEVER go to a car dealer UNLESS you're willing to walk away without the car. Line up a couple other cars to look at, or at least that you can pretend to be interested in, so you have some strength in bargaining with the dealer.

    I can't explain the carfax. Are you saying there are no title transfers either? At the very least, unless the car dealer has the car on consignment, you should see a title transfer or an auction purchase. The bottom line, however, is whether the car really has 47k on it. That would not be unusual.

    As for what to look for, sigh, the list on any car with 47,000 is long indeed. What you need to do is line up an inspection by someone who knows cars. A dealer might be the best way to go (since you haven't said where the car is, nobody can give you a recommendation on an independent mechanic) This will not provide a guarentee that the car will be sound, but at least somebody knowledgeable will have looked at it. They also could give you an opinion on whether the car's mileage is genuine and whether it's been in an accident.

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