Dear reader,

Let me introduce myself, I'm Ivo Christov, age 27, living all my live in north region of The Netherlands. I think I can say that I'm the greatest E28 freak in my country. I started to drive the E28 back in '97 and really fell in love with this type of car. Though I know 99% of all secrets, I still learn new gimmicks and differences in the E28 every time!

My collection of car's now is

1985 M5 (nr. 030)
1984 528i Touring (build by Schulz)
1987 M535i full option, converted to 524td as a daily driver.

Anyway, I don't like Dutch Christmas holidays, I'm glad when the calendar hits January again!

This year I wanted to spend my new years evening in a different way, so I booked one of the last available flights to New York (JFK).
I arrive Friday the 30th around 2 PM and will stay until the 1st of January and will fly back that day around 6 PM.

What I'm looking for are people in the New York area, preferably Manhattan who drive E28 and are addicted to it like me!
I’ve never seen a US style E28 in real life and would really like to meet some people with their car, have a talk about it while drinking a coffee.
So if there’s anyone with some time off that Friday (or even Saturday) please email me!
I could even bring some little Euro E28 parts with me!

Oh and if one of you E28 fanatics runs a hotel or hostel and has a spare bed, please let me know! (it seems that everything that is available for internet booking is fully booked…figures)

Thanks in advance,
Looking forward to meet you!

Kind regards,