Hey guys,
I've just found this board and wanted to introduce myself! I've been racing for a few years with the SCCA and would like to find some other series to run in... The SCCA is great, but the ITA guys keep getting grouped with the Spec Miatas and those guys think they're running bumper cars out there. I mean, they hit anything that moves!

I know that NASA has the Spec E30 series, but I'm stuck in the MidWest and those races seem to only be out on the coasts.

The only other option I know of is the BMW CCA club races, but they don't really come too close to me either. I did read that there was going to be a race in August out at Heartland park and I'm going to try and make that.

So I guess my question for you guys is that if my car is an '87 325e that's prepped for ITA, what should I do to make it leagal for the BMW CCA event? Also, do any of you know what class it would fall into?

Here's a pic of my car from last season...