AKA Paul Gillup. Just posting a heads up and to see if anyone has had this happen. I posted a WTB for some very specific BMW e31 parts and received an e-mail from what I can only assume is a Roadfly member indicating that he had the parts from a parts car. His name is Paul Powers, AKA Paul Gillup ([email protected]). We exchanged e-mail communication to nail down the specifics and I used PayPal to send funds to his account.

The parts never arrived and at first he would respond to my e-mail inquiries with vague excuses. That's when it started smelling bad. Eventually he told me that the package was lost but he insured it so he would refund the funds. That never happened and his responses to my repeated e-mail requests essentially halted.

I sumbmitted a complaint with PayPal. That got his attention and he asked me to cancel the complaint and he would send the check. Of course I did not and PayPal of course found in my favor. He has never sent the check. Fortunately its not a great deal of money but I was burned and learned my lesson in this case.

STAY AWAY FROM Paul Powers/Gillup - [email protected] -