Hi all in SoCal,

I recently posted this in the E39 board:
(looking for an Indy in LA area, willing to drive a little if the Indy is worth it)

Hi everyone,

I've got a 01 530iA w/ 92000 miles...

I've pretty much only been doing oil changes and brake changes for the past 40000 miles (replaced front right bearing once) and recently, my Check Engine Light has been coming on and off (interval of a day or two on, day or two off).

I know its time for some maintenance on my car, but would like some suggestions before I bite the bullet and take my car to the STEALERS...

I've got 3 "issues" w/ my car I would have the stealer take a look at and provide an estimate:

1) Check Engine Light
2) rotational "whirring/whizzing" sound at low speed from front left area...
3) Rear right "clanks" over low speeds (sounds like metal to metal).

I live in Los Angeles, CA and would appreciate any suggestions on which Stealer to take it to, an TRUSTWORTHY indy, or any other ideas on how you would approach these problems...

Thanks in advance,