Sorry if this question has been covered before, I didn't have much luck with searches.

I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a pair of seats and a rollbar for my coupe.

As to the seats, BMWCCA requires that the seats be equivelant for the driver and the instructor. Does that mean that both seats need to be of identical make and model or can one be a different brand then the other?

The problem I have is that I'm OK with leaving in a race shell on the driver's side, but I'm pretty sure that my wife will NOT want to climb in and out of a shell every time we go to a movie or something. So I was going to get a Racetech or a Recaro SPG for my side, and then a less aggressive seat for the passenger side (but still have the same harnesses for HPDEs). Basically want to get one with lower side walls and less bolstering.

So if one seat is FIA approved does the other one have to be? Same make or just that both are race shells capable of a 5/6 point harness? What if the driver's side is composite and the passenger one is aluminum?

(I'm going to have a local race shop do the fabrication and installation of the seats, rollbar - to SCCA Solo specs, and harness attachment points.)

The CCA guidelines (as near as I can tell) just call for equivelant seats and harnesses, which is a pretty broad term.

BTW, the shop quoted me an upper end cost of $500 for the roll bar. Reasonable? It will have a diagonal and a harness bar with supports going to the rear shock towers. I'm pretty sure that I'll need to take out the rear plastic bulkhead and trim to get the harness bar at the right height though. I'll have to see when the seat goes in.

Oh, it's a 2000 M coupe.============
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