Real sorry guys, I totally forgot about this forum. We're having a meet tomorrow at 2pm at our shop and have over 20 confirmed cars. I'll copy the two main posts from the other forums.

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Ok guys, we're all set for the meet on January 29th. I apologize for the delay on getting the confirmation.

We'll start around 2pm, people can bring their cars and take care of whatever they've been meaning to get done but have been putting off due to the weather. Around 6ish we can fire up the grill and eat. If you plan on eating and/or drinking please bring a dish to contribute and also BYOB. It'd probably be a good idea to start a list with what people are going to bring, so I'll start that at the [current] end of this thread. There is a microwave and a refridgerator to heat and cool our food. I don't want anyone coming out and getting trashed then trying to drive home, so please be responsible if you're drinking and use good judgement.

I need to remind everyone that if you plan on working on your car bring your own tools. I also fully expect everyone to clean up their messes. We do have a compressor with plenty of air and if I can talk my brother into coming out I'm sure my dad would let him use his welder and/or plasma cutter if any of us have the need. I guess it'd also be a good idea to start a list of who's doing what to their cars so people don't plan a project then find out there's not enough space inside.

I don't know the exact address but I've linked a map below.

Here's a map

Any other questions, comments, or suggestions please ask.

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Ok guys, I just got back from the shop. I spent six hours today cleaning it up so we're ready to rock tomorrow.

A couple notes:

- The road isn't labeled NW Plastics Drive, it's labeled "Farm Park Drive" but google doesn't recognize that name. I'll give some quick directions from 26 west right now:

1. Take the Cornelius Pass North exit off 26 south, this will put you on Cornelius Pass heading North (no [Oops!]).
2. Turn left at the light onto West Union, it's not very far off the exit.
3. Turn right on the road before the little white church, [Oops!] Rd. (yes, these directions are real)
4. Turn right onto Farm Park Dr., it's the last road before the road turns to pavement.
5. Go all the way down the road, you'll see the shop and all the green Barkdusters trucks parked beside it.

- Farm Park Dr. is short and mostly gravel. Go slow and avoid the potholes and you'll be fine. Our lot the shop sits on is asphalt.

- If anyone gets lost or needs directions, call my cell at 503-380-5806.