To date the only mod I have done on my car is the replacement of the run flats with MSPs. I have also purchased the altered CDV from Dave Z. which I plan to install soon. While there are numerous mods people have been doing, I have been focusing on several and want to get opinions on the best bang for the buck --- Eisenmann race exhaust, Dinan sways (I'm a little concerned about ride harshness with full Dinan suspension mods), Dinan flywheel. I am also interested in the Quaife but don't want to wait forever for the orders to reach critical mass. Also, I have 20,000 miles on one of the earlier models with no Vanos issues --- should I think about the Vanos upgrade or not worry about it?

GM, in reading your Z8 bible the other day, one of your 2004 posts said you were looking into the possibility of someone building a copy of the OEM wheel with a 19" size. Did that go anywhere? Are we still limited on brake mods with the OEM wheels?

Finally, to add to the small sample size, I see no deformation of my hood lines or shock towers after 20,000 miles and spirited driving (of course if I stare at the shock towers for more than ten minutes I could probably convince myself that I see something).

Many thanks and let me know if there are any Southern Z8s out there interested in a drive.