Welcome to the third annual "Official" Formula RoadF1y fantasy F1 league. If you are a previous user, please note the slight rule changes on the Pure Fantasy Formula 1 web site from 2005. If you are new, welcome aboard.

2006 Formula RoadF1y Instructions.

1. register/log in at http://www.purefantasyf1.net/En/ , please use your RoadF1y username as "Your Name"

2. create team

3. click "My Teams" and then "Join a League" under the actions header.

4. select "individual private league", from pull down menu, choose "Formula RoadF1y", type in the

password "hansstuck"

As in previous seasons, each player/team owner will be allowed TWO teams. Please read league/web site rules carefully.

I am still working with Alan and Charlie regarding prizes.

*digitalzero* PLease contact me regarding F RoadF1y 2005 second place prize.

Have fun!

Formula RoadF1y Commissioner
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