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    Folks...let's face some hard realities here...

    Let's, for a moment, take off our "I love my Z8 blinders" and consider the facts objectively (it's as hard for me to do as it is for you!!)

    1) BMW has approx. 5,700 cars with potential aluminum structural probelms (read EXPENSIVE to fix).
    2) Let's assume 1/4 actually have a structural compromise, with the remaining needing a "fix" to eliminate any future problems.
    3) These repairs AND fixes are at all 4 corners of the car (READ expensive to fix).
    4) Repairs and fixes can be made at only 3 places in the US.
    5) If (If) a fix and/or repair is found, we're talking thousands per car...maybe 10s of thousands.
    6) Consider what was BMWs response to the blatent misrepresentation of the LSD issue? (as most of you know, the response was laughable).
    7) BMW is a business, and their current mindset (without a doubt) is damage control.
    8) BMW is currently thinking "how can we keep this quiet so it does not interfere with our new M5, M6 and M3 sales"....a market with vastly more profit potential than the Z8 ever was.
    9) BMW does not care if it loses hundreds of "good" customers if they can trade those for thousands of new (uninformed) M customers.

    Bottom line...this is a simple numbers game for BMW. No grand notions of doing the right thing.....keep our reputation with our beloved Z8 owners in tact...blah, blah, blah....no way...this is a business.

    In my experience, keeping my fingers crossed and praying for a speedy solution is not realistic. BMW will not "fix" our cars...they may come up with a token response (like they did with the LSD "solution")...but it will not satisfy. Let's face it....satisfaction for those who have structural damage will be a new/straightened frame (not gonna happen). And for those who do not have a structural problem, will not get a 4-cornered lasting solution (IMHO). This is a flaw in the fabric of the car...the most difficult to correct..and every car engineer's nightmare.

    On the bright side, and I believe there is one, the flaw has not yet (nor hopefully ever will) produce a frame failure that causes harm to the occupant. We have folks who have driven 50k miles on their beloved Z8s....not sure I've heard of this failure causing any harm. Yes, maybe some frame warping...but let's face it, the structural damage took 5 years to surface. So I'm inclined to think it is (for now) somewhat benign. I plan on driving the car even more than before to ensure I get the max benefit. Yes, in my mind, this car is impossible to replace. Just nothing out there close to it. But that is how other car nuts feel about their cars..ask a Lotus guy, or a Lambo guy..or a Jag guy...the connection is hard to describe.

    All I'm saying is that all the talk about class action suits, getting govt agencies involved, consumer groups...whatever, is probably not the best use of our time. Instead, go out and drive your car.....it will be MUCH more rewarding. So what if we take a hit on the resale value of our Z8s...as I recall most on this board aren't selling anyway. So drive...and enjoy. Just my 2 cents worth.

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    I agree but....

    I think it would be worth our time to have engineering and production of a correction.

    I too believe BMW will not offer anything of substance, so it will eventually be up to the enthusiast to fix it themselves

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    yeh, but......

    I agree with you 100% up to your last paragraph. The only way BMW will come close to "doing the right thing" from the owners' perspective is if pressure is applied by owners. Even then, the likelihood of a reasonable solution for all owners may be limited.

    Like you, I do intend to enjoy the car in the interim. Took a nice long top down drive yesterday, and really enjoyed it.

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    Sure wish I had one to play around with...

    The little wheels would be spinning ;)

    As you may, or may not know, the Z3/M Rdstr has a structual issue too. I was determined that both my cars be fixed, regardless of what the warranty situation was. It turned out that BMW authorized the replacement of the trunk floor/xmbr structure in both my cars, but the new assembly was no different than the one originally installed. During the (long) wait for BMW approval, I worked up my own fix and my dealer installed it for me instead. They reckoned that the new trunkfloor would fail in X amount of years just as the original did.

    I have been selling the structural steel package and doing installations on cars from all over the country ever since.


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