Dunno how legitimate this is, but it's being sold by a BMW Dealership. .

Here is the link:


And here is the copy from the listing:

BMW is pleased to announce a revolutionary new product that allows customers with any CPT9000 hands-free phone system to update their vehicles to use Bluetooth® wireless technology with one simple device. The Bluetooth® Upgrade Module (BTUM) is shaped exactly like a CPT9000 (Motorola V60 series) phone and is installed into the phone cradle in place of the original CPT9000 handset. It provides the link between an approved Bluetooth® phone and the vehicle’s original phone system. Up to 2 different phones can be paired with the BTUM; however, only one can be used with the system at a time. The BTUM allows the customer to continue to use the original functions of the phone system in the vehicle but now with a BMW approved compatible Bluetooth® phone.

These features include:
• Multi function steering wheel telephone controls (MFL), if equipped, to send or end a call

• Display the address book of an approved phone and dial a stored number (500 contacts per phone)
• Telephone dialing via the on board radio controls or iDrive (as equipped)
• Voice recognition SES (if equipped) dialing and name tags
Important: The BTUM module does not power or charge the phone handset or provide a link to an external antenna. Please refer to owner’s manual for additional important information. While Bluetooth® wireless technology is a global standard; there are a variety of profiles that manufacturers can choose to implement in their Bluetooth® devices. In certain cases, the BMW BTUM and the Bluetooth® mobile phone do not share the necessary profiles to work together as a hands-free system. For this reason, not all available Bluetooth® phones are compatible with the BTUM.

The list of compatible phones that have been tested with this system are provided below:

Motorola E815, Motorola V3c Razr, Motorola V551, Motorola V330, Nokia 6230, Sony Ericsson T637, Sony Ericsson S710a.

I just grabbed it on a whim, we'll see if it is true!

I did some more digging and found out that the same module is also being qualified for Jaguar as well, so it looks kosher.. the BMW part number is: 84 11 0 410 145 and it is supposed to retail for $295.00

Anyone else know if this is for real?