This is tragic news and I hate to bring reality to this forum and I know that this issue has been debated previously....BUT....I just spoke with a very high level engineer specializing in (among other things) race cars, who owns two Z8's and has intimate knowledge of the design flaw issue. It is his opinion that there is a very serious
design flaw in our Z8's which will eventually lead to failure in nearly all of them. (The strut tower/bracing frame issue). He believes that this is NOT fixable in any simple or cost effective way (struts, bolt on braces etc.). Moreover, he and others believe that there are only two options. One is a MAJOR retrofix (read expensive) and the other is a wholesale buyback of all cars by BMW. He recommends that our Z8's NOT be driven at all, since the minor flexing of everyday driving will eventually cause failure, which is accelerated by a more sudden impact such as driving over railroad tracks or a pothole. The consensus of those in-the-know is that BMW WILL NOT act without a lawsuit....period.! And the more time that goes by without anyone taking action, the more BMW will hunker down and stone-wall owners. I don't know about you, but I did not spend 150K for a paperweight!