Steve Dinan just contacted me and he has agreed to begin work on a strut brace for our Z8s. He is going to consider all aspects of the situation to determine if there is anything else he can provide to help our cars deal with the potential for tower deformation. I believe he will come up with a complete package that addresses our concerns.

For those who question the effectiveness of a properly engineered tower brace to help with the tower bulging problem, let me remind you that the struts do not move in a purely vertical plane but rather at an angle inclined towards the centerline of the car which is what provides the built-in negative camber of the suspension. If we connect the tops of both towers with a strut brace which resists side-to-side forces, any upward movement will be resisted because the distance between the tops of the towers would have to decrease while the brace has a fixed length. Furthermore, a properly engineered strut brace will include a rigid mounting plate at the top of each tower which will be intimately joined with the area where bulging has been observed. This will act as a reinforcement plate at the precise location where problems can occur and require the mounting plate to be deformed along with the top of the tower. If we add a reinforcement plate to the underside of the top of the tower, we end up with a reinforcing sandwich in precisely the area where it is most needed that is much stronger than the stock tower by itself. Plus, all front engined cars have chassis flex in the area of the engine compartment and a good strut brace will stiffen this area and resist that flexing. Frankly, if a strut brace had been available prior to the deformation problem surfacing, I would have installed one without hesitation. Now, I believe it may be an essential part of a complete package to protect our cars from potential damage.

I don't know how long it will take Dinan to engineer a strut brace but I can assure you it will be done right. His package may also include the currently offered suspension kit or a modified one which addresses the deformation issue more specifically. As soon as I hear anything, I will report it on this board.Grease Monkey