Just came across the following info which might be of interest to those living in colder climes.

According to research done by Liqui Moly (Lubro Moly's parent company in Germany), an engine cold started at 32 degrees F will take radically different amounts of time to circulate oil to all areas needing lubrication depending upon the type and viscosity of oil used. For example, 0W-40 synthetic oil will reach all areas within the engine in app 4 seconds from start up. 5W-40 synthetic will need up to 9 seconds to accomplish the same thing. 10W-40 semi-synthetic can take up to 27 seconds and 15W-40 mineral based oil may take as long as 48 seconds for the oil to reach the remotest lubrication points in the engine.

Don't know how many owners start their Z8s in cold weather but it is something to keep in mind, even for your daily driver. Grease Monkey