Well as we progressed one of our HP cars into CM, we had some grand ideas for 2006. Here is the result for the first test day. LOTS of mods still left to do! Some finish work and more aero parts and then off to paint!

So far:
  • Yoko 280/650 slicks on CCW Corsair 18x10 on all corners
  • C-west Composite Front Bumper and CF canards
  • Vorsteiner CF GTR Hood
  • Vorsteiner CSL CF Roof
  • Vorsteiner CSL CF Decklid
  • MA Shaw CF Doors
  • CF 60" Low Drag Wing (mounted DIRECT to frame rails)
  • CF Race Mirrors
  • Lexan (we have made to fit ready to order for e46 and e36 with coating and anti-fog)