Hi guys,
Just popping in with a question or two (I'm not part of forums normally nor do I speak English).

Just moved to UK for a while, and my fiancee's purchased a 2003 black Z8, 500BHP v8 and a 7200rpm redline, with forged aluminum 19" wheels, 285/45 and 315/40 tyres etc etc...for me to drive. Just sport and fair fast, (depends what you've driven and been driving).

This was done using a slimy move, by deporting my Audi TT-R back into Germany (where I was last), which was running a 5-mode optional channel transmission setup, at 1012BHP max and 453BHP minimum.

But none of the car-ing is done by me for any reason but for my own self satisfaction etc, my fiancee, and some close friends.

Now I don't remember and don't really take much notice of cars, though I used to before, but is this car good in comparison to a 3sec 0-62 TT?
I have an interest in cars (no time though), but I've moved to elder production cars to learn the basics steadily, ie. E36, E39 etc, but do collect and own much.
Even still I only have assistants, associates, kith and employees who do most of the work etcetera, so they will know about the autos, while I do not.
But you guys will know in much greater breadth and depth, with more precision and defined knowledge.

Anyone care to help me out, and provide a comparison between a Z4M and a Z8? (because fiancee prefers Z8 while I thought a 600BHP Z4M was much more suited)
I do not want her to start buying to please me or rather proving to me, so a quick answer will really save me. Or having a garage for 8 cars, I'll end up with 15...

I just like the Bavarian cars, and these two models (Z4 and Z8) are perfect I suppose for all we need...a perfect mixture of the s's.

Forgive me for the English, I really haven't learnt it formally, and this is my 11th language, but this is a bit I've picked up so far.

If it doesn't make sense, I can read, so be sure to inform me, and I'll figure another way to get the message across, without anyone else aroung here knowing.

By the way a quick scan of these forums, top stuff really, a work of art...you people should be recognised, enthusiasm and dedication.
Love it! (case proven against the Germans who think the more western world does not understand the language of vehicles, even minutely)

Await your replies.

Adam T. Darore