Hi Folks. I cannot find anywhere in the trunk of my 2001 530i sport/premium, premium sound, etc. the plugs that are supposed to be there to connect the optional cd changer. My car has in the trunk the label of the cd changer, homelink and cellular, but have not been able to find the supposed 2 spare plugs that was told goes into the cd changer. I have find the following spare wires in the cd changer / amp compartment:

1-Tiny coax cable, which goes into the amp (sitting in bottom of compartment, against the wheel housing)
2- Small 3 wire plug along with coax at same location as item 1.
3- Big blue plug, similar in shape to one of the connectors in the top of the amp (in the top of the compartment also against the wheel housing)
4- Small three wire plug, similar to the one in item 1, at same locatiion as item 3.
5- Two (2) big coaxial cables, also sitting at same location as items 3 & 4.
6- Big black plug, similar in shape to a computer paralel (printer) connector, also at same location as item 3, 4 & 5.

I remove the screws of the amp and look behind, plus look underneath the floor carpet, but can't find any more spare cables. Am I missing something? Could my car come, fully equipped with so many factory options, but not come pre-wired for the cd changer?

I'm looking for this cables for a Icelink Installation (I120 trunk kit on its way), have several pictures but have not find a way to post them here. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks!!

Francisco Quiles
2001 (10-2000) 530ia
Sport/Premium Pkg.
Titanium Silver / Back Leather Seats
Convenience Package
Rear Sunshades
Premium Sound
In-dash CD Player
Sun Roof
Xenon Lights
Retired: 11/95 M3, Cosmos Black (Still miss it!!)
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