Local car for sale. '91 M3 with these mods as described by the owner:

"I decided to make it a 2.5 litre car. So here is all I have done to it;
Engine: factory stroker crank, Wiseco pistons (which all have been balanced and block was bored .40 over) reground cams, adjustable sprockets, 5 angle valve job, intake vales were polished, intake and exhaust ports and plenum were polished also. I also have a factory lightened flywheel with a Sachs sport heavy duty clutch. I did a mass airflow conversion using a mass airflow off a 2.8 litre engine and a Split Second ARC2A converter and a big K&N air filter. I dynoed this car before removing the stock engine and it had 142RWHP and after the 2.5 had about 3,000 miles on it and it had 197RWHP. I am using stock cat and muffler. With the mass airflow sensor this cars gets better throttle response, MPG, and burns cleaner emissions.
Suspension: I put Bilstein sport struts and shocks with stock springs and stock sway bars. I have BMPs adjustable front and rear camber mounts. Eibach strut brace. I set the alignment for as even tire wear as possible and handling/ stability. These camber mounts are noisy (metal on metal in the front)."

Although it all sounds very impressive, and I do plan to track the this car instead of my e46, I am worried that maintenance and repairs would be a bit more complicated and expensive than on a stock engine, and that troubleshooting would be more complicated. What do you think? Coming from an e46 M3 at the track to the e30, I really would love the extra power in this car.

Do you think these mods sound well sorted? What would you change to make it better. Off the bat I think I would have to put some money into the suspension to make it more civilized as a daily driver, while maintaining track capable handling.