I had checked the compress pressure of 3 E39 M5 engine, all of them were out of the car, so when check the pressure, the engine is cold, I connect the engine with battery to turn the engine on, every cylinder for 8 turn, all spark plug out when testing every cylinder:

1. engine1: without oil in it, get 115/181/132/138 and 160/139/142/161 psi.
2. engine2: without oil in it, get 134/180/137/204 and
135/133/197/177 psi.
3. engine3: with oil in it, get 173/187/178/159 and 154/152/160/150 psi

I had checked the TIS, it said the min pressure will be 178-204psi, so those 3 engine seem not good enough!

But for those engine, which one will be the best? Or my check procedure is something wrong?