Anybody seen/inquired about the ad in latest C&D regarding the opportunity to drive the following cars:

1) Ferrari F430
2) Ford GT
3) Lambo Gallardo
4) AM DB9 V
5) Bently GT
6) Corvette Z06

I went to the web site to see what this was all about. Basically for $795 (plus tax) you get a 1 day experience where you drive all 6 cars approx. 30 miles each over a selected public road course. about 20 cities so far scheduled (per web site) with anywhere from 1 to 3 day stints. They take 22-24 enthusiasts per event (day)...breakfast & lunch provided (along with some apparel and all requisite pics) and schedule drives throughout the day. As much a social event as a driving event. Being run by a French guy (or sounds french on the phone) who used to do this for Ferarri in Europe in the 90s. The guy gave several references and sounded legit. Starts in Raleigh, NC on April 29. They do corporate events...but in between those obligations they've scheduled individual events. Speeds are 45-70 mph. You drive alone but must follow lead car. Add'l occupant (no driving) is an add'l $250. Anybody out there done anything like this as all. I'm thinking about doing it but I'd be interested in hearing if any other enthusiasts have done something similar....and most importantly...was it worth it? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.