Okay, so I've been programming Homelink in cars for a long time (rolling codes, etc.), so I don't know what the deal is since we purchased the 3 wagon. We have a double garage door that I have always programmed into one of the Homelink slots on all three of our vehicles, since we tend to move things around a lot. Before purchasing the 3 wagon, we just had two BMWs and one car from another manufacturer. Now, for the first time since we've been at this house with this garage, we have three BMWs.

That's the background. Here's my problem.

My 745 and 650 were already programmed with the Homelink to open the (rolling code) garage door in slot #1. I programmed the 325 to open the same door, also in slot #1, and it programmed successfully. However, after programming the 325, my 650 was no longer programmed. I made sure that the car was not close by when I was programming the 3, but it still cleared it out. Then, my wife took the 3 for a drive and I reprogrammed the 6's Homelink, only to find the 3's Homelink was cleared when she returned home. I tried a variety of different things after that (using the 745, etc.) and never have been able to get more than two cars programmed at once. One car ALWAYS clears.

As I said before, I've had three vehicles programmed for this double door before, but never three BMWs. I also tried using different Homelink slots, but that still didn't work. I'm not sure what else to try. Can you NOT have three BMWs programmed for the same Homelink door?
'05 BMW 745i Sport (TiSilver/Black)
'06 BMW 650i Coupe (TiSilver/Black)
'06 BMW 325xiT (SpGraphite/Beige)